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All visitors and users of Poker Cash 4 Free (in the following text "we", "our website" and/or "us"), when they visit and/ or register on this site are deemed to be agreed to the following terms and conditions. It is mandatory for the user of this site to read carefully and understand these terms and conditions.


Terms of Service: Once you register on this site, you agree to be bound by these terms and utilize the services provided on this site, complying with such terms and conditions.

Eligibility conditions: You must be 18 years or above to register and use this site. You need to provide us your personal information as well as a scanned ID. We will call you on the number provided for verification. If you provide misleading or false information while registering on our website, your membership will be terminated.

Termination of membership: We reserves the rights of terminating membership at its own discretion, at any time.

Account/Password: The responsibility of keeping safe your account details like user name as well as password lies with you. You agree to intimate us of any illegal usage of your account, immediately. If you want to cancel the account, you must at once inform Poker Cash 4 Free.

Non-Transfer of account: Our website and service is only for personal usage. You cannot transfer the account held with us. Neither you can use this site for any other commercial purpose(s) nor can you sub-let the account to others. Our website is not for Companies, businesses, and organizations and will not be given membership so they should not use our site.

Illegal Usage of account: If anyone is found for unauthorized or illegal usage of, including illegal activities like collection and passing on personal information of the registered members to others or with an intention of using such information to send spam e-mail, will be taken for a legal course of action without any injunctive, civil, and criminal redress.

Proprietary Rights: All information, copyrighted contents, trademarks, etc. are owned by us. It cannot be used without written permission from us, under conditions like it will not be modified, copied, transmitted, published, displayed, sold or distributed.

Copyright: We respects your intellectual property rights and expects the same from you. So all contents on the site are sole property of "Poker Cash 4 Free".

Indemnity: You agree to indemnify us, its officials, affiliates, employees, officers, and partners harmless from any legal action.

Liability Limitations: We will not be held liable to you or a third person who represents you, for any indirect, direct, special, consequential, incidental, punitive, and or exemplary damages due to the usage of this web site by you.

Changes to Services: We reserves the right to change, add, modify or discontinue any service, either temporarily or permanently at any time without any prior notice. You agree and understand that we will not be held liable to you or a third party for such changes or discontinuation of Poker Cash 4 Free.

  • Disclaimer: The information available on our website is provided on "as is" basis. You use our website at your own risk. We does not and will not proclaim any warranties for the following:
    • Your registration at poker rooms. You are responsible for registration on these poker rooms.
    • Meeting requirements; error-free, uninterrupted and timely, secure services as well as reliability and or accuracy of Poker Cash 4 Free.
    • Quality of information, products, services and other materials obtained through use of our website.
    • Security : You agree to abide by and comply with the legal, security processes, and procedures lay down by us regarding user name, password, and usage of Poker Cash 4 Free. You agree not to make an attempt to break in, hack the site as well as access any areas and contents of the website.


We reserves the right to terminate your membership at its own discretion, without notifying you, if you are found to be violating our terms and conditions.
We also reserves the right of resolving the issue of violation of its terms and conditions through legal course of action.

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