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The first visit of World Poker Tour in Netherlands ended with a major win for Niels van Leeuwen


The competition was hard, as the finals were all about Netherlands best players, the mighty Marcel Luske (nicknamed the “Godfather” of poker), fought to the end but was able to claim only the third place.

The top Five winners of the WTP National Valkenburg:

1st place Niels van Leeuwen - 40 000 euros 2nd place Pim van Wieringen – 28 856 euros 3rd place Marcel Luske – 18 990 euros 4th place Ronald Keijzer - 13 843 euros 5th place Joep van den Bijgaart 10 236 euros

The best of the action was reserved for the last two days of the visit of World Poker Tour

Pim van Wieringenl was dominating the field as the competition entered the final two days, dominating with 16 chps. Sixteen other players were still in the game, but Pim van Wieringen stepped up his game taking down four players and raised the bar for the few left. Jeroen Minnekee ,Bas van Marwijk, Jeno Marton and Stieven Razab-Sekh were the unlucky players that Pim van Wieringen send back home empty handed and with broken wills.

Peter Gutker also suffered a crushing defeat from Pim van Wieringen that send him down the ladder all the way to 13-th place. Sandro Pitzanti was the next victim, hitting on pretty bad luck from van Leeuwen’s ace seven that dethroned the ace-king that Pitzanti was able to muster. Zeus Post was also knocked down to 10-th place from Wieringen , after a battle of the queens – Zues had queens, but again just as with Sandro Pitzani, van Wieringen topped that match with a river a straights and an ace – queen.

Ronald Keijzer got a total profit of 13 843 euros, after an intense match up against Niels van Leeuwen, with and orthodox aggressive play, which made van Leeuwen to held pocket kings against a bluff from a ace-ten. After this hand, The Godfather of Netherland’s poker – Marcel Luske joined the exchange but it was in vain. Van Leeuwen took out the biggest bluff in the game, and with it sending home both Keijzer and Luske.

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